Workshops and Classes

The Society runs a program of beginner and intermediate classes and workshops by guest artists.

The following classes and workshops are available and will held at The Entrance Community Centre and unless otherwise stated will run between 9.30am – 4.00pm each day. Please aim to arrive at 9.00am to allow time to set up.

Date 2021 Class/Workshop Tutor/Artist
19-20 June Intermediate Class Krista Brennan
26-27 June Workshop Tanya Bailey
16,23,30 July (9.30am-12pm) Beginner’s Class tbc
17-18 July Workshop Malcolm Carver
14-15 August Workshop Guy Troughton
3-5 September (3days) Workshop Greg Allen
18 September Workshop Belinda Biggs
9, 23,30 October (9.30am-12pm) Beginner’s Class tbc
16-17 October Workshop Susie Murphie
6-7 November Workshop Rob Candy
13-14 November Intermediate Class tbc

Further details and bookings can be made by downloading and completing the relevant forms below. Please note that first preference for bookings is given to CCWS Members.

Workshop Booking Form 2021

Beginners Class Booking Form 2021

Intermediate Class Booking Form 2021

COVID 19 Safety Plan

Our workshops are run with the following COVID 19 Safety Plan. All attendees must follow the Safety Plan to maintain a safe environment.

  • CCWS will provide sanitiser, cleaner and paper towels. Please use on arrival.
  • Record your details in the Sign-In Register.
  • Social distancing must be observed at all times. Tables and chairs will be positioned accordingly.
  • Members to be responsible to clean their own areas.
  • Members to bring their own cups, cutlery, etc. Bring your lunch. No sharing of food is allowed.
  • If you are unwell (especially with symptoms of a sore throat, headache, dry cough, a fever or a cold or any flu like symptoms) please do not attend a workshop for any reason.



26-27 June 2021: Tanya Baily  ‘Contemporary Techniques and Practices for Watercolour Painting’

Tanya Baily was educated at Oxford University and Chelsea School of Art in England, and completed a Masters of painting at COFA, UNSW, in 2010. Tanya Bailey

 I work exclusively in watercolour across a range of subject matter. My interest is with the medium itself. I explore the unique quality and range of the watercolour medium for emotional and descriptive effect. I experiment with techniques old and new, different pigments, and a range of papers and surfaces. My recent body of landscape works are inspired by parks, countryside and bushland with which I am very familiar. I spend time outdoors working enplein-air and paint finished works in my studio in Sydney. My work as an art educator is a very important part of my life. I am I am intrigued by the process and the journey of painting with watercolour.”

Tanya Bailey2Day 1:  a day of techniques and exercises. Tanya will design exercises for students around the techniques, processes and ideas she uses to achieve a more contemporary look to her painting. Themes will be:

    • the use of masking fluid to produce textures and layers of colour
    • the use of different pigment for best colour results
    • using different papers and surfaces, how to prepare
    • how to sketch in watercolour to gather idea for paintings
    • how to use watercolours in a more expressive way

Day 2: Students will bring their own images to paint, and will practice the techniques from Day 1 on a subject matter of their choice. Tanya will work with each student individually.


17-18 July: Malcolm Carver (AIA AWI ARAS)

Malcolm Carver’s fascination with architecture is only matched by an absolute commitment and passion in sketching, painting and etching. With an eye for simplification of detail and an obsession with light, Malcolm is increasingly pursuing the ‘less is more approach’ to watercolour with minimal strokes, fresh colourful pigments, taken directly to paper rather than mixed in a palette. This delightful immediacy of watercolour brings vibrance and richness to his art.Malcolm Carver1

‘A fresh new workshop with an enlightened and contemporary approach to drawing and watercolour painting. Designed to ensure a new direction in learning to see light and shade, the course seeks to develop and reinforce the fundamental skill of sketching and drawing as a foundation to painting.

Malcolm Carver2

Simplifying detail in drawing techniques and learning to see shapes, can significantly develop your observation skills to improve and loosen up your watercolour painting technique.

The course will cover both essential and advanced techniques, providing good basics for beginners and greater challenges for more advanced students. Various subjects will be covered, including landscapes, still life, buildings and people.

This popular course also embraces technology using tablets such as an iPad to see new ways to develop, explore and analyse images. Tablets with inbuilt cameras coupled with affordable applications help the process of seeing light and tonal values to portray concepts with light, depth and modelling.

Open to all, the course will suit those who wish to learn travel sketching. as well as significantly improve studio drawing and painting skills. There will be a range of subjects which include studio and plein air painting to capture the images and the essence of The Entrance. ‘