The Central Coast Watercolour Society regularly holds 2 day workshops with experienced artist demonstrators, most of whom are well known around Australia and also worldwide.

Prices for 2018 are currently: members $55 per DAY,  non members $75 per DAY
e.g. if attending a 2 day workshop members pay $110, non members $150.

Please check the workshop you will be attending for the exact costs involved, as each workshop will be determined by the Tutor attending. There maybe a difference in the above price to cover fees such as accommodation, tutor fees and travelling costs.

If you wish to attend any of our workshops, please use the link here:

workshop booking form.

which will inform you how to make your payment.  Workshops fill up very early and you are not assured of a place until your payment has been confirmed.

When your payment has been confirmed for a workshop, our Workshop Coordinator will email you a list of requirements for each workshop within the week of the workshop date.

All workshops will be held at The Entrance Community Centre at The Entrance unless advised otherwise.
PROGRAMME for 2018 is still to be finalised, but currently we have:
Saturday & Sunday 17th & 18th Joe Cartwright
Saturday & Sunday 3rd and 4th March Heidi Willis
Saturday & Sunday 14th & 15th Earl Hingston


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